Land’s End Uniforms

Our Lands’ End school code is: 900199530
All orders are fulfilled online:

Lands' End Online Store

Dennis School Uniforms

Our Dennis school code is : CMY

The local store is located at 8600 Park Meadows Dr. Suite 700, Lone Tree, CO 80214.
Call them locally at 303-738-2255, and before travelling to the store as their hours are subject to change.

Dennis Uniform Online Store

Used Uniforms

St. Mary has Used Uniform Sales during the summer. Information is sent out by email and social media when there is an upcoming sale. Parents can contact parent Lorena Koffler for trade-ins and mid-year purchases.

Updated Uniform Code

Please make sure to read it over carefully as there are some changes to the uniform tops, PE Uniform and optional sweatshirt/sweater options.

Since not all uniform companies have the exact same products you will notice some differences between Dennis and Lands’ End for the jumpers, skirts, and skorts. Please note that we are aware of this difference and either one will be accepted as part of the uniform code.