Ryan Ward

Mr. Ward is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, and moved to Colorado to attend the University of Colorado-Boulder where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Religious Studies. He has been working in Catholic institutions for 10 years doing everything from youth ministry to Catechesis. Three years ago, he made the leap to education when he joined the staff at St. Mary. During those first two years, Mr. Ward completed CEFCP (Catholic Educator Formation & Credential Program) through the Institute for Catholic Liberal Education.

In his free time, Mr. Ward enjoys playing with his dog and eating at fun restaurants. If you have any recommendations, please let him know.

Mr. Ward says his favorite thing about teaching at St. Mary is “how fun it is to be around the students. They always keep me on my toes and I never know exactly what a day is going to hold. It is a pleasure to spend time with them as well as teach them about the Faith!”